A vegetable garden can be as simple as planting a few seedlings in one square meter of land, which can yield a surprising amount of produce all year round. Vegetables can be harvested right before you need them so they retain as much freshness and nutritional value and natural flavour as possible. Most importantly in the current commercialization of produce, mass production and use of chemical fertilizers and sprays, growing your own vegetables is the by far, the best way to maintain an organic growing environment. Heirloom and old fashioned vegetables not easily found in supermarkets can also be grown, adding to biodiversity and at the same time preserving our culinary heritage. Not to mention the added satisfaction and enjoyment of sustainable living surrounded by organically grown vegetables for your own table. 


A herb garden is very simple to look after and can be an excellent way to start growing with very little space, as most herbs can grow well in pots because their root systems are relatively small. Thai cooking depends on a large number of fresh herbs instead dried ones to add freshness and fragrance. Therefore it is very convenient to pick a few fresh Kaffir lime leaves or a sprig of mint straight from your own garden and use it in various dishes. Any overgrown herbs at the end of the growing season can be turned into wonderfully aromatic and refreshing cold drinks and tea infusions with a multitude of health benefits. Not only are they useful in the kitchen, most herbs also look great, adding texture with varying types of foliage as well attracting bees and butterflies with their flowers and scents. Start your collection with a few basic herbs and soon you will be hooked, as they start to take over the garden and transform the way you cook.

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